Trust our experience - we can create anything from wood and steel!

We specialize in providing comprehensive services covering initial sketches and designs, through installation, production, and outsourcing, all the way to transportation.

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Why us?

We know how draining can utilizing several firms for just one project be. You don’t have to worry about that with us. We have our own machine park, allowing us for complex production of any range of products, from design to packing and transport. Our company consists of: our own, fully equipped woodworking shop (FSC), machine park for metal processing and a production facility meeting all the 2023 standards. Not to mention our storage capabilities (1100 pallet places).

We’ve been producing for over 20 years, ceaselessly looking for better solutions and implementing innovations. We keep up with global technical trends. We optimize and streamline the work of our shop. We work for giants from Europe and the whole world. For obvious reasons we cannot reveal the portfolio of brands we produce for – you’ll have to trust us.

In this industry, flexibility isn’t a very welcome extra, but pretty much a necessity. Every project requires a different approach, different materials, different logistic solutions. Using our experience, we carefully look for the most optimal solution to meet your needs and fit into the budget.

All of our production is done in one place. Not only does this give us logistical advantage over foreign companies, but also ensures we’re always close at hand. You’ve got an idea already? Great, give us 24 hours and we’ll come visit or invite you over and see what we can do.

How does work with us look?

Our goal is to lighten your load on every stage of your project. Regardless of whether you came to us with an idea, a finished project, or pretty much anything. Do what you do best and we’ll do the rest.

We design

We are open to your ideas and inspirations, regardless of how complicated they are. We’ll hear you out, help, advise – together, we’ll choose the best solution.
We know that sometimes you simply don’t have time – rely on us. Together we’ll create a project that will meet your needs and expectations.

We produce

In our long career we juggle many materials, such as corten steel, stainless steel, black steel, wood, glass or HPL. We know how to combine these materials to get the most possibility and beauty out of them. We love balancing design and practicality. Our practical approach has us use properly selected fittings and connecting elements.

We deliver

Equipped in new vehicles we will deliver your finish product safely, to the set place at the set time. We will do everything we can to ensure that the final product is secure and properly packaged with all the necessary symbols and instructions.

Our brands:

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