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  1. Personal Data Controller – Sebastian Pawłowski conducting business activity under the company name “Firma Produkcyjna Handlowa “Blender” Sebastian Pawłowski” with permanent place of business at the following address: ul. Mieczysława Orłowicza nr 23, lok. 37, Olsztyn 10-684, entered into the Central Electronic Register and Information on Economic Activity from 24.12.2001, Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP): 7411545851, National Business Registry Number (REGON): 511432132, e-mail address :
  2. Cookies – IT data, small text files saved by the websites you visit and stored on the Devices through which you use the Data Controller’s Website. The information contained in the cookies is necessary for the proper functioning of the Website, while the files are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access. The information collected in cookies can be read by the Controller and its counterparties (due to technical reasons).
  3. Device – an electronic device through which you access the Controller’s Website.
  4. User – anyone visiting
  5. Website – including subpages.


  1. The Controller uses Cookies through the Website
  2. Cookies are only used insofar as the User has consented to them.
  3. The information collected on the basis of Cookies is used for the proper optimisation of the Website’s functioning, as well as for statistical, functional, advertising and social media purposes.
  4. Cookies record the Website User’s activity by recognising the Device, thus allowing the Website to be displayed in a manner optimised to the individual User’s preferences.
  5. The solutions employed on the Website are safe for the Devices of Users using the Data Controller’s Website. It is not possible for dangerous or malicious software to enter User Devices.
  6. The Controller employs two types of Cookies:
    • Session cookies: these are files that are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until the User leaves the Website or shutting down the Internet browser. The information stored is then permanently deleted from the memory of the Device. The mechanism of session cookies does not permit the collection of any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s Device,
    • Persistent cookies: these are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until they are deleted. These type of files remain on the User’s Device for the time determined by the file parameters or until they are manually deleted by the User. The termination of the respective browser session or the deactivation of the Device does not delete them from the Device.
  7. With respect to the source of given Cookies, the Controller employs:
    • First-party cookies: cookies generated by the Website and placed on it by the Controller (example: essential),
    • Third-party cookies: this is information originating from external servers, e.g. advertising, navigation providers (maps or search engines). These types of cookies enable the effectiveness of advertising activities to be evaluated and related activities to be designed according to the User’s preferences (for example: analytical).
  8. Cookies are divided according to their function on the Website:
    • Technical/essential cookies – cookies which are essential for the proper functioning of the Website, including: for the correct display of the Website depending on the Device the User is using or the settings of that Device; for the adaptation of content on the website which is technically relevant for the functioning of the Website (e.g. the language of the Website); for remembering whether the user has consented to the display of certain content,
    • Analytical cookies – cookies used to measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities without identifying your personal data and to improve the functioning of our Website, including for the purpose of: researching statistics on website traffic and verifying the source of traffic (so-called redirection directions); detecting misuse of Website traffic (e.g. artificial Internet traffic – bots); measuring the effectiveness of actions carried out on behalf of the Controller, e.g. in the Google advertising network, on external websites,
    • Functional cookies – cookies for saving user settings on websites (background colour, language, shopping cart). This ensures that, once users have accessed the Website for the first time and adjusted it to their preferences, they do not have to make the same settings again when visiting the Website. This type of cookies is most often a type of permanent Cookies,
  9. The User can delete Cookies from the browser at any time.


  1. The User has the option to restrict or disable access to Cookies on their Device. In the event that this option is used, the use of the Administrator’s Website will be possible, except for functions that by their nature require Cookies.
  2. The User may, independently and at any time, change their cookie settings, specifying the conditions for storing and accessing Cookies on the User’s Device.
  3. The User can change the settings referred to above via the settings of his/her browser or via the configuration of the service. These settings can be changed in particular so as to block the automatic handling of Cookies in the settings of your Internet browser or to inform you each time they are placed on your Device. Detailed information on the possibility and handling of Cookies is available in the settings of your software (web browser). Below you can find links to information on how to delete Cookies in several popular web browsers:
  4. The User can delete Cookies at any time using the available functions in the web browser they are using.
  5. Restricting the use of Cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Controller’s Website.


ToolMode of operationSource of the toolCookies linked to the tool
Google AnalyticsA tool for collecting analytical data on the movement of users.Google Ireland Limited _ga_T8JEPYC5DL
Cookie YesA tool to store the user’s cookie preferences.CookieYes Limited
WoocommerceA tool for operating the shop on a website, shopping cart, orders, user panel.Automattic woocommerce_cart_hash wp_woocommerce_session_49ed316dbdf14c93af1ef30c359d21ec
WPMLA tool for operating a multilingual portal. It matches the displayed language to the language preferences of the user’s browser.OnTheGoSystems Limited wpml_browser_redirect_test _icl_visitor_lang_js
SmartsuppA tool for operating a chat room on a website., s.r.ohttps://www.smartsupp.comssupp.vid ssupp.visits
Webp supportWebp image handling through the browser._http_accept:image/webp


Cookie nameMode of operationSource of fileType and duration of use
_gaA file responsible for the operation of Google AnalyticsExternal
duration of use: 2 years
_ga_T8JEPYC5DLA file responsible for the operation of Google AnalyticsExternal
duration of use: 2 years
Cookieyes-consentA file responsible for handling expressed consents related to the Cookie PolicyExternal year utilisation period
woocommerce_items_in_cartA file responsible for handling the shopping cart in the shop.External – User session
woocommerce_cart_hashA file responsible for handling the shopping cart in the shop.External – User session
wp_woocommerce_session_49ed316dbdf14c93af1ef30c359d21ecA file responsible for the operation of the online shop.External year utilisation period.
wp-wpml_current_languageA file responsible for operating a multilingual website.External – User session
wpml_browser_redirect_testA file responsible for operating a multilingual website.External – User session
_icl_visitor_lang_jsA file responsible for operating a multilingual website.External year utilisation period
ssupp.vidA file responsible for the operation of chat on the website.External https://www.smartsupp.com6 months utilisation period
ssupp.visitsA file responsible for the operation of chat on the website.External https://www.smartsupp.com6 months utilisation period
_http_accept:image/webpA file responsible for handling webp files on the user’s browser side.Internal. www.masuriaindustry.comDuration – User session